Why Electricity Usage Spikes

When you are designing your solar panels for your house you need to consider some of the factors that will make the electricity usage spike.

The most popular reasons electricity use increases

There are a number of reasons why electricity usage spikes. The top 5 reasons I have seen in my experience are the following:

Reason #1: Hot Weather

When it gets hotter, you will tend to use more electricity. You may be really good at keeping tabs on your thermostat, but a long run of really hot days will make your air conditioner work harder and more often.

Reason #2: Visiting Family

The more people who live in your house, the more electricity they will use. Adding more people to your home increases the use of every resource in your home, from hot water to food, and even electricity.

Reason #3: An Electric Vehicle

A lot of solar customers want to reduce their carbon footprint everywhere they can, so they buy an electric cars. It’s a great idea, but recognize that you may be outstripping the production of your solar system.

Reason #4: The Holidays

During holidays we tend to stay home for long times, people tend to use more electronic devices, use hot water, etc, this will spike electricity usage.

Between Christmas lights and family get-togethers, your electricity use is far from your normal amount during the other 11 months of the year.

Reason #5: A Failing Appliance

When an air conditioner or refrigerator is on its last days, they become horribly inefficient. With fridges especially, it’s common to keep your old one after you buy a newer, more efficient model — adding to the amount of electricity you use.

Final words

This is it, those are the 5 reasons why electricity usage spikes, you need to keep in mind when you’re sizing your solar panel system.

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