What Appliances and tools Can You Run Using Solar Energy?

There are a lot of ways that you can use solar energy in your home to eliminate or at least cut down on your energy spending but you might be surprised to learn how many things you can run on solar power or solar energy.

Here’s an in-depth list of common household and lifestyle items that you can run using solar energy. Some you probably already know, but some will surprise you.
 Hot water heaters
 Dishwashers
 Water filters
 Small household appliances
 Heaters
 Air Conditioners
 Lights
 Electronics
 Refrigerators
 Freezers
 Stoves
 Lawn Mowers
 Tools
 Batteries
 Flashlights and lanterns
 Pool heaters
 Fountains
These are just some of the appliances that now have solar-powered versions Available. As technology advances and the price of solar cells go down, there will be an increasing number of solar-powered appliances that you can buy.

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