The Risks Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a great source of power and electricity, if you size your system correctly, it can reduce your utility bills, but there are some risks of solar energy most people do not talk about, that is why is this article I am going to share with you the risks of solar energy.

Known Dangers of Solar Energy

In case you did not know, solar energy is produced from a process that occurs within the sun known as nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion is the same process that is involved in nuclear power plants, and actually uses the same basic nuclear physics laws that apply to atomic bombs.

This is not to say that solar energy is as dangerous as an atomic bomb, it is to rise awareness that when it comes to solar energy, it should be handled with care and the installations should be done with trained and qualified profesionals.

Aside from that, add the fact that the main energy source for solar energy is actually hydrogen, which is a form of gas that is highly explosive, and that is definitely something that you should be aware of.

Hydrogen is a tremendously destructive component that can be found in H-bombs, and also produces dangerous fallout for those exposed.

These known dangers of solar energy may sound very dangerous and threatening, but again this is not to scare anyone is just to make you aware of some risks solar energy can cause to your health.

Solar Energy Radiation

Right now, we are all actually being subjected to the sun’s background radiation, which could be dangerous if exposure to it exceeded a certain level.

There is really nothing we can do to prevent being exposed to such background radiation other than to simply avoid sun exposure.

However, if your home uses solar energy to power up your house, you might find it more difficult to do.

Since solar energy technology harnesses the power of the sun by concentrating the sunlight and using its energy to light up your home’s light bulb, you could very well be irradiating your entire home, something which could cause skin cancer later on.

Blindness from Solar Energy

Another danger that could stem from using solar energy to power up your different gadgets and electronics at home is that it could cause blindness if you were to expose your eyes to too much radiation from them, just like staring directly at the sun for too long.

Solar Energy Fire Hazards

Since most solar collectors basically concentrate the sunlight that they are able to collect from the sun, it can be a fire hazard, especially since fire can very easily start if there were very high concentrations and levels of solar energy.

These high and dangerous levels of solar concentrations could easily ignite combustible materials, making it a possible hire hazard on any home.

Solar Panels make house fire more dangerous

Solar Panels make house fire more dangerous

House fires are dangerous, they can cause the loss of human life and materials but having solar panels on them makes it even more dangerous.

In case your house catches fire or you have an emergency that requires someone to go to the roof very quick, their life can be at risk.

Those solar panels on your roof can cause extra danger for firefighters and anyone in your house. Firefighters say battling fires at houses that have solar panels is a lot tougher and be a safety hazard.



Having solar panels on your house is great, not just for your finance but also for the environment, but there are some risks associated with having them.

The main reason for this article is not to bad mouth solar energy ( I am an advocate of it) but is to highlight the risks of solar energy, so make sure that you do some researching first before deciding on whether you want to get and use solar energy technology for your home or not.


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