The Next Wave of Solar Energy– Wearable Solar Energy Generators

Because solar energy is becoming increasingly practical and cheap, scientists are always experimenting with new ways to use solar energy to power the products that people use every day.

The newest trend of useable solar energy for consumers is wearable solar energy generators; wearing, not as jewelry, but as useful power sources.

These innovative designs have build-in solar panels that grab and use energy from the sun and other light sources to power items that people keep on them during such as MP3 players, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets and more.

PDAs and other items that need to be recharged often can be easily charged by plugging in the device to a solar cell that is sewn into a backpack, a purse, a shirt, or even a bracelet. This technology is very cutting edge and still evolving but is definitely a wave of the future.

Here are some of the latest up and coming solar products that are starting to hit the market:


These are just like standard backpacks except they are capable of generating 14.7 watts of power which is enough to fully charge a laptop computer.

These backpacks and messenger bags are ideal for students who are on the move all the time but need to have laptops and other electronics with them and ready to use. Busy professionals always enjoy these backpacks and messenger bags.


Women don’t have to be afraid of getting stuck with a dead cell phone anymore. There is a new line of purses and handbags that come with solar cells in the fabric of the handbag that gathers energy as the bag sits in the sun. You can recharge a cell phone, PDA or another electronic device while it’s sitting in your purse.


A professor at the University of Toronto has created a super-thin film that can be used to capture solar energy. This ultra-thin film can be sewn into clothing so that the energy can be used to charge cell phones and other items.

The film is about 8 times more powerful than the most powerful PV conductive material on the market today so it would easily be able to produce enough energy to power a laptop computer or other devices.

Can you imagine being able to plug your laptop into your tie or your shirt to charge it? It’s coming!

There are other innovative designs that use solar energy being created every day but the combined creativity and usefulness of these designs show that designers and scientists are going to make going green the next big fashion trend.

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