The 5 Best Solar Fan For Chicken Coop

Keeping your chicken healthy should be the number one goal. Providing fresh air for the chicken is one of the best ways to maintain their health. Ventilation prevents many issues from happening that might be harmful to your chicken.

Through this article, we shall talk about the best solar fan for chicken coops, how to choose the best ventilation, the benefits of ventilation and when you need ventilation for the chicken.


What are the best solar fans for chicken coops 

1. SoulVolve Solar fan for chicken coop

The solar pan is a waterproof fan for your chicken that works best for all weathers. The solar fan has an automatic shrink valve that opens when the exhaust fan is running.

It is multipurpose as it can be used in greenhouses, pet houses, and window exhaust. The solar panel can provide efficient ventilation without using 110V voltage.


  •  It produces low noise that will not scare your chicken or prevent them from sleeping.
  •  The solar fan only works with direct sunlight. When there is no sunlight, the fan will not work. More sunlight provides more strength.
  • The solar fan has a metal shell that maintains durability and strength and thus can be used for several years.

 best solar chicken coop

2. AntPay 10W weatherproof for chicken coops

Antony provides a large airflow for your chicken coop as it has a Max rotation speed of 3000r/min. The solar fan offers a clean environment for your chicken and pets. It can push hot air out and bring cool and fresh air to the chicken coop.

The solar fan motor is coated to prevent rain from damaging the fan or causing a short circuit. The waterproof level is IPX7, which is recommended for outdoor environmental use.


  • It cools your chickens during hot weather seasons.
  • It is not affected by wind and rain.
  • It provides your chicken with clean energy.
  •  It gets rid of the foul odor in your chicken’s coop.
  • It has a double-sided iron net to ensure that no injuries are caused.

 solar fan for chicken coop

3.   MEGSUN 10 WATT for Chicken Coop 

Are you looking for ways to create a comfortable environment for your chicken? MEGSUN solar fan will make the best and most relaxed environment.

It can get rid of the foul smell from your chicken coop. When installing the solar fan, be careful with the front and back.

Wrong installation will cause abnormal noise. A single fan will work best if your chicken coop is not very big.

In case you are in doubt about whether the solar fan can match your power station, do not hesitate to contact us and get a rapid response within 24 hours.


  • The solar fan is easy to install and thus takes fewer minutes to complete.
  • Lack of enough sunlight will affect the fan’s speed; therefore, more daylight, more incredible speed.
  • The design used to create the solar fan ensures that it is not affected by water.
  • It is suitable for all weather conditions throughout the year.

 chicken coop

4.  All Solar waterproof fan

The solar fan has an enhanced blade and motor that ensures there is maximum airflow in and out of your chicken coop.

You do not need to worry about the noise, even on cloudy days. The fan is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum housing to ensure that it can withstand shocks; thus, it operates in harsh conditions during outdoor activities.

You need to expose it to sunlight during the day to ensure it gets enough energy for use at night. When exposing it to sunlight, make sure there is no shadow and press the on/off switch.


  •  It removes dust and awful smell from chicken litter, thus allowing fresh air.
  •  It exchanges air that prevents heat and moisture from building up during the summer and winter.
  • It has a featured ball bearing that is rated at 67,000 hours.
  •  It is designed in a waterproof way to ensure that rain does not cause damage.


5.   Sun Energise for ventilation and cooling

The solar fan will offer safety protection as it has a frame and fan blade made of premium ABS material. It further has a double plastic protection net that keeps small animals from acquiring injuries.

The solar fan is one of the easiest to use. It has an on/off switch that is useful and practical for everyone. You do not need to use main power as it uses solar energy.


  • It has a shrink valve design that blocks the entry of wind and water into the fan.
  • It does not make too much noise when active. This will give your chickens the peace they need for activities.
  • It removes odor and smell and allows maximum ventilation for your chicken.
  • It has 20W solar panels that are efficient for proper speed.

 chicken coop

How to choose the best solar panel for chicken coops

When selecting a solar fan for chicken coops, you need to consider several things. Here are some things to look at before buying a solar panel:

Water Resistant

Your solar fan should be waterproof to avoid short circuits or damage, especially during rainy seasons.


Noise causes disturbances and nervousness in your chicken. It would help if you got a solar fan that does not produce too much noise for the comfort of your chicken.

 Easy to maintain

Some solar fans need higher maintenance than others. Ensure that the solar fan does not need more costs to function.


Most solar fans are multipurpose. Therefore, your small animals might get injured when they come in contact with a solar fan in action.

When buying the solar panel, ensure that it has a net that keeps small animals from getting injured.

Speed and power

Getting a solar fan, consider its energy levels. If you have many chickens, ensure that the solar fan has a higher voltage to provide maximum ventilation is met.

The energy determines the speed of a solar panel. So, the higher the energy, the better the acceleration.

Easy Installation

When getting the best solar fan, consider the installation processes. Some solar fans might need professional installation, thus more expenses. Choose a solar fan that you can install within a few minutes.

Provision of sufficient air

You need to consider a solar fan that provides enough air in the chicken coop. A solar fan with more energy levels will most likely offer maximum air in the chicken coop.

Size of the chicken coop

A smaller chicken coop will need a small solar fan and vice versa. Taking into consideration the size of the chicken coop will ensure that there is a balanced supply of air.

Advantages of Ventilation for chicken

There are many health and environmental benefits of ventilating your chicken coop. Here are some benefits.

1. Reduction of temperature

During summer, it gets too hot for everybody, including animals. A chicken coop without ventilation will become hot and stuffy.

This happens especially when you have many chickens in one space. Efficient ventilation ensures that there are fewer temperatures for your chicken to ensure they are comfortable.

2. Reduction of condensation

Condensation is a risk factor that can cause molding and rotten surfaces. When your chickens come in contact, they might develop infections that deteriorate their health.

Health conditions primarily affect the respiratory system. Proper ventilation will ensure that the chicken is out of health risks.

3.  Proper air regulation

With proper ventilation, you have control of the amount of air that gets in and out of the chicken coop.

You can acquire fresh air in the chicken coop with a solar fan. The proper amount of air is good for the growth and development of your chicken.

4.  Reduction of dust and odor

Chicken coops have an awful smell due to the chicken’s litter. With proper ventilation, the smell is taken care of, and when in the coop, you will not need to have discomfort from the smell.

There is dust in the chicken coop that you might overlook. Proper ventilation removes dust that might cause some health issues to your chicken.

5. Gets rid of moisture

During winter, there is moisture in the chicken coop. Moisture comes from the chicken’s breath and their litter.

Moisture can cause health problems to your chicken, such as reduced growth and excessive mucus.

When to Ventilate your Chicken Coop

Figuring the best time to ventilate your chicken coop can be stressful. There are several weather seasons in a year.

With chicken, the seasons have different effects. Chicken coops need less ventilation during cold seasons. In warm seasons, more ventilation is necessary because of too much heat and dust.

Further, if you get rid of chicken litter frequently, you might not need too much ventilation in the chicken coop.

Chicken’s litter causes a foul smell that needs proper ventilation. If you get rid of chicken litter frequently, you do not need too much ventilation for your chicken coop.


Proper ventilation in the chicken coops ensures that there is fresh air. It further gets rid of dust that might cause respiratory issues.

The named solar fans above are easy to install and maintain. They will serve your chickens’ ventilation purposes to the maximum.

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