Solar Panel Warranty-Everything You Need To Know

A solar panel warranty is a guarantee from the solar panel manufacturer or installer to ensure production levels and equipment reliability.
The performance and equipment guarantees vary between products and solar companies usually the warranty will last between 10-25 years.

Types of solar panel warranties

The solar panel has two types of warranties, a performance warranty, and an equipment warranty.

Solar panel performance warranty

A solar panel’s performance warranty will guarantee the performance of your solar panel over an extended period of time.

Usually, it will guarantee 90% production for the next 10 years and 80% at 25 years, meaning whatever your solar panels are generating today in standard conditions they can produce at least 80 % of it at the end of 25 years.

An Equipment warranty

An equipment warranty is typically for 10-12 years and it protects your solar panels from any manufacturing defects.

That means in 10-12 years if there is any wear your solar panel will be repaired or replaced.

When you can claim your solar panel warranty?

If you see any of these conditions, you can contact your 

  • If there is any deterioration in the appearance of the product.
  • Imperfections in the frame or glass.
  • Loose junction boxes or faulty connectors.
  • Bad cells or damaged cell connections
  • Defective back sheet.

Can a solar company void my solar panel warranty?

Yes, A solar company can void your solar panel warranty if the damage on the solar panel was caused by negligence, malpractice, or natural disaster, you need to read the company warranty statement from the manufacturer to figure out in what situations the warranty can become void.

In most cases, any of the following can cause a void in your solar panel warranty.

  1. If the solar panels are repaired without companies authorization or in any way tampered with.
  2. If the solar panels are subject to extraordinary salt or chemical exposure.
  3. If the solar panels are subject to improper installation, application, alteration, unauthorized service, or improper system design which caused constant shading to the Products.
  4. If the damage to solar panels is subject to power failure or surges, flood, fire, direct or indirect lightning strikes, or other acts of nature.
  5. If damage is due to accidental breakage, vandalism, explosions, acts of war, or other events outside the manufacturer’s control
  6. If the solar panels are moved from their original installation location.
  7. If PV panels are exposed to voltage in excess of the maximum system voltage at the lowest temperature of the place or power surges.
  8. If the serial number on the solar panel is altered, removed, or made illegible.

How to make sure that your solar panel warranty does not become void?

  1. Make sure you don’t remove or tamper with the serial number on the back of solar panels.
  2. Do not install solar panels in shade, almost all solar panels manufacturer have this in their clause.
  3. Do not shift your solar panels from their original installation location, every solar panel manufacturer have this in their clause as well.
  4. Always ask the solar installer for a warranty certificate for the solar panel.


Other types of warranties

Inverter warranty

The inverter is one of the most important parts of your solar panel system, this is the part that will convert the direct current that solar panels produce to the alternating current that we use in our daily life.

The inverter warranty is as important as the product warranty because without a functioning inverter your panels won’t work anyway.

The inverter also performs at high temperatures and is the system component most likely to fail. Inverters typically come with a 5-year warranty, though in many cases you can pay more to have this extended.

Power storage warranty (Batteries)

If your solar panel system is not tied to a utility grid ( you live off-grid) must consider the limited warranties of 5-15 years of your power storage solution.

Installation warranty

Your solar installer will possibly offer you an install warranty that covers the solar panel installation. Installation warranties can vary from anywhere between 12 months to ten years.

Entire system warranty

Any good solar company will guarantee the installation and operation of the whole system for a period of up to at least five years.

Some of the solar installers will not provide the entire system warranty, before you sign any contract, make sure you ask them if they provide any type of warranty or guarantee, if they are good as they claim to be, they should be able to guarantee their work.

Here are 20 questions to ask your solar installer.


That is it, that is what you need to know about solar panel warranties. It’s essential that you know the difference between the manufacturer warranties and what your installation company is offering.

Production warranties from the manufacturer back the panel’s capability to produce energy. A performance guarantee gives you the assurance that the total system output will be at the level specified in your solar proposal.


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