10 Most Essential Solar panel installation tools

In order to perform well in any job you will need to have the right tools, this applies to the solar panel installation too. In this post, I am going to share with you the 10 most essential solar panel installation tools so that you can prepare yourself to install those solar panels.

10 must-have solar panel installation tools

If you are going to install solar panels, you need to have all the tools mentioned in this post to make sure that your installation procedure is smooth.

1. Digital Multimeter

Solar panels will convert energy from the sun into electricity, you need a digital multimeter to test and measure the voltage and current produced by the solar panels.

A digital multimeter combines the testing capabilities of an ohmmeter, ammeter, and voltmeter. This tool can also help with the maintenance and repairing of solar panels.

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2. Battery operated drill

When installing solar panels on the roof you will need to make some holes in order to install rails and then hook them up with the solar panels.

The drill needs to be battery operated for easy to use and also according to my experience it reduces the possibility of the technician falling from the roof, for better work, and for your own protection, you need to have a battery-operated drill.

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3. HackSaw

Solar panels that you are going to install will rest on some rails which you will install on your roof. Therefore, you will need to cut the rails before installing them or after you have finished installing the panels. A hacksaw is affordable and easy to use.

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4. Flat Pry Bar

The flat pry bar is a tool is also known, as made of flat steel. Typically two inches wide and fifteen inches long, the flat bar is an invaluable tool for separating elements that have been nailed to one another. Since most roofs have shingles, you will need a flat pry bar to help you slide the flashing under it.

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4. Caulk Gun

During solar panels installation, you will have to drill numerous holes, in order to add rails and mount solar panels.

Therefore, you will need a caulk gun to help you apply the sealant safely and accurately. The roof sealant will prevent leakages in the future and help protect your ceiling.

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5. Fall Protection

If you are going to work on roofs or at any height, fall protection gear is a must-have. Fall protection gear includes harnesses, ropes, and of course helmets to ensure your safety.

It does not matter how experienced you are, we all make mistakes, and when that mistake is on a roof, it can cost you your life if you are not equipped with fall protection.

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6. Cable and Connector Tools

During the solar installation process, you will have to connect solar panels between themselves, you will need to connect solar panels to the inverter, all you will need some cable to your home appliances such as lights bulb, these process will require some cables and connectors.

You will need to calculate the size of the cables you need before you buy them, the size of the cables will depend on how many watts and current is produced by your solar panels, and the distance from the solar panels to the inverter and from the inverter to the distribution center. 

7. Solar Panel Hanger

Solar panel hangers are a must-have tool for anyone who plans on installing panels. This tool sits on the tracks and allows you to place the panels safely on the rail.

The solar panel hanger can eliminate the need for maneuvering a 50 pounds cell and the risk of your panels falling down.

8. Screwdrivers

This is the essential tool for solar panels installation, remember that your solar panels will be held in place on your roof by screws.

Depending on the size of your project you can purchase a number of screwdrivers, the rule of thumb is to first tighten the big screws locking the mounts onto the roof safely.

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9. Wire Stripper/Cutter

Solar panels installation involves a lot of wiring, so make sure you have the right wires stripper and cutter to help you with the wiring task. With the right stripper and cutter, you can finish the wiring job within the shortest time possible.

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10. Tape Measure

You can use a tape measure in different ways during solar panels installation, when sizing your system, you can use them to determine the length and width of your roof. You can use this information to know how many solar panels you can put on the roof.

The tape measure can also help you determine the exact place where you will install the mounts which you will mark using your chalk. And once you have installed the mounts, you can use a string line to ensure that the rails are leveled.

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That is it, those are the 10 most essential solar panel installation tools, you can get those tools for cheap on amazon, you need those tools if you want to install solar panels. 

If you think there is another essential tool that we left out please let me know in the comment section below, thank you for reading.

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