Solar Energy in Pakistan

Pakistan has issues with power outages which has been a challenging issue for the residents. However, they are now preparing to increase renewable energy production and usage.

Pakistan is the ideal location to develop solar energy due to its sunny atmosphere with safe, sustainable energy though it still focuses on coal and fossil fuels as energy sources.

Solar energy is cost-effective, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer, making it an ideal power solution.

Many companies offer solar energy in Pakistan, each with its specific functions and agendas. Dive in to find out more about solar companies in Pakistan.

 What are the best solar companies in Pakistan?

Solar Energy in Pakistan

Premier Energy Limited

This company has established a reputation across all industries by completing modest housing projects and huge industrial solar energy plants.

Their broad product selection, flawless installations, and varied projects have quickly elevated Premier energy’s status in the market.

With this firm, customers have the choice to activate intelligent solar energy utilization through the net metering plant.

They provide vast solar options from residential to commercial to industrial and agricultural energy solutions at great prices.

Premier energy also has a good payback duration, which is favorable to its customers. Their solar panels are perfect for roofs as they provide security from extreme weather and keep your house warm.

 Alpha solar

Alpha solar is a renowned solar company in Pakistan that provides excellent hybrid renewable power options and various energy choices(renewable).

They are experts in the design, production, distribution, and installation of top-quality solar (hot water, electricity, water pumps), LED street lighting, and wind energy systems.

Additionally, they provide consulting assistance that helps customers lower their gas and electricity costs through conscious efforts to use less energy.

Pantera Energy

Pantera Energy is one of Pakistan’s original providers of solar energy solutions whose solar-powered systems for the housing, industry, agricultural and commercial sectors are fundamentally innovative and intelligent.

They offer various goods and services and have a track record of supplying cutting-edge solar-energy systems.

Pantera Energy has a strong national profile in Pakistan thanks to a collection of local teams and associates.

They are customer-centered as they install and do follow-ups on their work; thus, you do not have to worry about costly maintenance.

 Shams power

Shams power is a collaboration of Orient Operating Company and PITCO, among the best energy producers in Pakistan.

They offer a complete turnkey remedy, making it simple for environmentally conscious companies to embrace solar PV tech.

This company allows people to swap for fresher energy without spending money on infrastructure and equipment.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about performance and the costs and hassle of dealing with O&M.

 Zi solar

Zi solar offers comprehensive photovoltaic alternatives for various installations, from utility-scale farmlands to rooftops in residential buildings.

With the aid of our cutting-edge products, you can maximize the solar harvesting from one’s setup and gain from working with just one supplier to meet every component need.

Their goods and services are available at every stage of the energy supply chain and help you save energy.

 Pakistan Solar Services

It offers wind, solar, and sustainable energy solutions for housing, businesses, gas stations, industries, agricultural drip irrigation facilities, water parks, street lights, and gardens.

They also provide energy evaluation/audit services throughout Pakistan. Pakistan Solar Services has designed solar energy systems that fit their customer’s needs, ranging from 300 watts to 50 kilowatts.

With this company, you can get consultation on projects (1 MW) in Pakistan, and their prices are friendly, making it among the top Solar providers.

 SkyElectric Private Ltd

SkyElectric limited is from SkyElectric incorporated, which is based in the United States and aims to provide a long-term, dependable solution that had to be found due to the rising energy demand, especially among urban residents.

The company focuses on using a Smart energy system to provide solar energy. The Smart Energy System comprises all the parts required to give you fresh solar energy, power storage, and grid-smart operation.

Their System also includes ongoing support and surveilling, enabling it to have various capabilities unrivaled by even the most widely used solar solutions globally.

 Beyond green solution

It is one of Pakistan’s most well-known and significant private power suppliers, which started its sustainable energy project in Australia (2011) due to the rise in energy demand.

Beyond green Solar Solutions has established a solid reputation in the industry with a portfolio of more than a hundred solar structure installations, many of which are substantial business installations spread all over the nation.

They provide environmentally friendly solar alternatives that are affordable, strong, long-lasting, and simple to operate.

 Yellow door energy

This company started in 2015 and has its headquarters in Dubai (UAE). Yellow door energy offers solar energy and energy-saving services on a rental agreement basis.

Its initiatives assist owners of industrial and commercial properties in making a transition to clean energy, lowering their electricity costs, and cutting carbon pollution.

 Shaheen Enterprise Private Limited

Shaheen Enterprise specializes in building, aluminum and wooden operations and layout, iron works, and stainless steel, but is also committed to solar energy facilities with other industries since 2004.

They have many solar items to offer, such as green Intelligent, the morning star, and more.

Additionally, they conduct various projects from irrigation to home to business to hybrid solar options.

 Which is the best solar company in Pakistan?

The best solar company in Pakistan is Reon Energy; a solar company focused on upholding 3Ds (Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Digitization) to provide sustainable and net zero energy.

This transition to solar energy will benefit people and the environment while giving businesses the chance to move their power systems toward increased reliability and quality.

In addition to improving the health and lifespans of people and structures, energy decarbonization also has a favorable economic effect.

Reon’s decentralized energy systems provide various financial, technical, and societal advantages.

A decentralized and decarbonized energy structure needs digitization, whether it’s to increase the integration of renewable energy sources, enable consumers to become professional consumers or improve real-time capacity.

 How many solar plants are there in Pakistan?

The development of solar power projects in Pakistan is of great interest to the government, and there are many solar plants available.

They have six solar photovoltaic energy projects totaling 430 megawatts in the capacity currently delivering electricity.

Four solar photovoltaics have a total of 250 megawatts, and they are working towards having more solar plants.

Solar PV is the most cost-effective option for producing electricity, thanks to recent technological advancements and low costs. Pakistan aims to produce over 700 watts in the coming years.

 Who is the biggest importer of solar panels in Pakistan?

 Pakistan is a big importer of solar panels, and the biggest importers are:


Electroline has developed enduring connections with its client companies and regional, national, and international organizations.

The business now enjoys widespread market recognition in Pakistan as it is the leading importer.

They distribute and produce solar products like personalized solar plants, power packs, and more.

 MS city dyes chemicals

Ms city dyes chemicals are among the biggest solar panel importers in Pakistan. This importer offers information such as import prices, solar panels to be imported, and more that you can use at Customs, ports, and other places they are required.

 Oursun Pakistan Ltd

Oursun is located in Lahore, Pakistan, and deals with engineering, architecture, and such functions.

This business also specializes in small-scale commercial and residential solar functions and alternative energy strategies for specific industrial utilities.

 Al-Fahad corporation

Al-Fahad is based in Saudi Arabia; cooperation deals in the provision of higher-quality goods and services in rapidly expanding marketing groups or the presentation of promising new opportunities.

The four major financial sectors of real estate, contracting, industry, and commerce have all been impacted by this company.

 Danish Electronic

Danish electronic specializes in uninterrupted energy supply, stabilizers for electric voltage, spike and surge voltage protection, and evaluating energy structures.

This company selects and imports dependable products, distributes integrated services that offer better lengthy benefits to consumers, and concentrates on offering energy-saving products.

 Does Pakistan manufacture solar panels?

Pakistan is new in solar panel manufacturing panels; thus, it has few companies providing the panels. Some of these companies include:

●  Sunlife Solar company private limited

Sunlife aims to hasten the country’s use of solar tech, provide eco-friendly, long-lasting energy to aid in eliminating the load shedding threat, and thereby promote development in Pakistan.

Their photovoltaic cells are produced on a state-of-the-art, global-class plant with a 150-megawatt annual capacity.

The sizes of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline photovoltaic modules range from 15W- 335W.

●   University of Engineering & Technology (Lahore)

They are yet to launch high-quality solar panels in Pakistan; come soon with the first batch to generate 2 megawatts.

They aim to reduce the cost of generating power by making top-notch AAA solar panels that offer more longevity due to the high cost of importing solar panels from other nations.

 What are the top solar panels types available in Pakistan?

There are two most prevalent forms of solar panels in Pakistan these are:

● Polycrystalline

When numerous pieces of unprocessed silicon are melted and then rapidly cooled to create multi-crystalline solar panels.

It is cut into (square) wafers after cooling to create the panel, and the edges of these solar panels are precisely rectangular, plus the solar cells in these panels don’t look uniform.

These panels are easily recognized thanks to their distinct color and noticeable graining /speckled appearance.

If enough space is available, polycrystalline solar panels might be a good choice since they require more room.

Specific climate patterns, such as low light or snowy conditions, hurt the efficiency of polycrystalline panels.

They perform worse as temperatures reach their highest point because they typically have lower heat endurance.

The polycrystalline solar panels have a twenty-five-year warranty, which is adequate in terms of durability. This period may go over if there is good maintenance over time.

●  Monocrystalline

Monocrystalline solar panels are a premium product due to their greater performance. These panels were developed using the most advanced technology available at the time.

They are constructed using silicon(single-crystal), and the drawing method creates sizable ingots with a cylindrical shape.

When creating silicon wafers, these ingots are then divided into four pieces. These solar panels stand out for their uniform appearance and even shades.

They produce the greatest power since the silicon cells give electrons more room to move around and produce an electric current.

The monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient in space and need less room than their counterparts.

They frequently perform better in low light or warm weather and come with a great twenty-five-year warranty.

What prevents the use of solar energy in Pakistan?

Despite having great weather that favors Solar energy use in Pakistan, some issues hinder the use of solar energy. These issues are:

  •       Problems with finding land for the (solar) farms
  •       Delays in the construction authorization and unflattering prices for power sales.
  •       The hopes of producing electricity using these sustainable processes are dashed by a lack of political commitment and a lack of government funding.
  •       Even though expanding energy sources is cost-effective over the long term, increased actual investment expenses impede the expansion of solar power.


Pakistan can produce large amounts of solar energy, and it is endowed with many solar energy companies that offer cost-effective energy options to people.

However, Reon Energy is the top solar energy company, thanks to its 3D strategy.

Pakistan mostly imports their solar panels, which is quite costly, but they are currently pushing to produce them locally to cut costs.

When it comes to the top solar panel forms are monocrystalline and polycrystalline, and they each have their distinct looks and performance.

Although a few challenges hinder the use of solar energy in Pakistan, they are working towards finding the best strategies to deal with the issues.

I hope this article has provided you with all you need to know about solar energy companies in Pakistan.

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