Introduction To Solar Cell

We all love solar energy, but do you know what is the primary source of the energy coming from your panel? It is called a solar cell.

Solar cells are the main component of a solar panel. I will answer a few common questions in this short post about them.

What is a solar cell?

A solar cell, also called a photovoltaic cell, is any device that directly converts light energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect.

This is the primary element in a solar panel.

What is a solar panel?

solar panel is a device that collects sunlight and converts it into an electric current.

How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels contain solar cells made of layers of silicon, a semiconductor material made from sand.

When the photons of light enter a solar cell, they get absorbed and excite electrons in the silicon layers causing them to move and ultimately flow continuously through a circuit of wiring that feeds in the solar panel system. Harnessing this electron flow is what gives you electrical power.

What is the size of a solar cell?

Each solar cell typically measures about 4 to 6 square inches.

How many solar cells does each solar panel contain?

A full-size solar panel usually has 60 to 72 interconnected solar cells.

What material solar cells are made of?

Solar cells are commonly made of crystalline silicon (C-Si), each producing about 0.5 Volts.

That is one of the reasons why we need to have many of them produce higher voltage per solar panel.

To produce 30 volts, you will need 60 solar cells; to produce 36 Volts. You will need 72 solar cells.

Depending on a solar panel’s voltage requirement, the manufacturer can decide how many solar cells they will use on that solar panel.

Why are solar cells assembled?

There are two main reasons why solar cells are assembled. Let’s take a look at these two reasons.

1) You need a lot of cells to produce useful electricity

Each solar cell produces about 0.5 Volts. You need many cells wired together to produce a useful amount of electricity.

2) Solar cells a fragile

Solar cells, especially crystalline cells, are fragile. Assembling them in a structure protects them from rain, snow, wind, hail, etc.

Final words

That is a short introduction to solar cells. These are the main component that builds the solar panel. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment section below.


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