Installing Solar Panels in Winter-Is there any Advantage?

Another question I get a lot is that is installing solar panels in winter a good idea? Here is my short answer, winter months are actually a great time to make the switch to solar power, let me explain.

The myth about solar panels in the winter

There is a myth that solar panels don’t work in the winter, and I can tell you that this is not true. In fact, the Winter months are good for solar energy production because the cold temperatures improve solar panel efficiency and this will eventually produce more solar energy.

Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Solar Panels?

There are many reasons why it is a great time to install solar panels in winter, even though it’s colder and the days are shorter. And you might be smart for doing so.

Here are five reasons why installing solar in the fall or winter is a good idea.

Quick and Easy Installation

Fewer people install solar panels during winter, this makes most solar installers to be less busy, this will massively reduce the time required to install your solar panels.

Time is Money

When you install your solar panels during winter means they will be ready and producing energy when it comes to the busy summer season, while others battling to get their solar panels installed your solar panels will be producing energy and saving you money.

Tax Incentives

Most states provide taxi credits as incentives to go solar, since many people are going solar these days, state governments started to reduce these incentives, the longer you wait there is more chance of missing them out, so if you have to do it in winter, do it do not wait.

Beat the Spring Rush for Solar Installations

 As I stated about, in springtime, everyone is trying to get their installs done and it’s a very busy time for solar installers.

Winter is a great time to get ready for the sunshine and savings because come the spring, summer, and fall their system will already be online and generating the credits they need to keep them afloat during next winter.

Disadvantages of installing solar panels in winter

Even though installing solar panels in winter has a lot of benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks that you should consider.

First, in some areas where it snows during winter, it might be very difficult to install solar panels during this time, if you are located in these types of areas it is better to discuss with your solar installer the possibility of installing solar panels during the winter season.

The second issue about installing solar panels during the winter season is that even if the solar installer agrees to install solar panels they might cancel or delay the installation due to bad weather. This can make the installation process take longer than expected.


That is it, those are the reason why installing solar panels in winter is a good idea. I know there are a couple of drawbacks but those will not happen to everyone, so take a leap of faith and go on with your solar installation project.




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