Best Solar Powered Calculators: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Most people have shifted to solar energy because it is cost-effective and reliable. There is an increase in solar-powered devices such as calculators.

However, selecting the best solar-powered calculator can be hectic as there are wide varieties in the market. Solar-powered calculators function with the help of small solar panels.

The solar panels are located on top of the calculator and acquire energy from the sun. Therefore, once you get the solar-panel calculator, you worry less about sourcing energy.

Solar panel calculators are great for use in classrooms and other locations where you can access sunlight. There are LCD and LED display solar-powered calculators.

When selecting the solar-powered calculator, check the features to get what you require. The calculators have the easiest ways of charging. Leave it out on a sunny day, and it will acquire enough energy.

The functioning process of a solar-powered calculator is similar to a normal calculator.

The main difference is that other calculators are powered by battery powers to function, while solar-powered calculators use solar photovoltaic cells. Through the article, we shall review today’s top five solar-powered in the market.

Best Solar Powered Calculators

Sengu Bamboo Wooden calculator

The Sengu calculator is one of the best solar-powered calculators on the market. The calculator is practical.

It has  12 digits to ensure that it can handle large calculations. The calculator uses power energy and can function in dim light.

The calculator is convenient. It is made with an ergonomic design for comfort and to ensure that you can use it conveniently.

It contains a wide keyboard with raised keys and enhanced pressure sensitivity to ensure users use it efficiently.

The keyboard is designed with shell bamboo using long-lasting materials to ensure that it lasts for years. The artistic bamboo look gives you a nature design on the desk.

The calculator is lightweight and thus can be carried from one place. It is best for students and can conveniently carry it from the office to home—a perfect gift for a new-enrolled student.

Overall experience

The usage is convenient because every button has a laser-etched symbol to acquire a unique feeling.

The keyboard has a computer keyboard feeling when used as it is large. The high response rate gives users a great experience of acquiring results within the shortest period.

The calculator contains all the standard calculator functions. However, it contains a space bar where you can instantly retype numbers and change the results.

The space key feature allows you to carry out unique mathematics functions those other calculators may not support.

The calculator has a great weight and smooth edges; thus, it feels great in your hands when used. The main downside of the calculator is the battery life.

It has a great cell, but the calculator’s battery does not last long. To remove the battery, you need to remove some screws and to remove the battery.

However, the internal parts are screwed intently to ensure that some parts do not fall. The reassembling process takes a few minutes.


  • The calculator has large buttons to use easily.
  • The calculator is made of shell bamboo that lasts for a long.
  • There is a space bar for more mathematical functions.
  • The calculator is easy-to-carry around.


  • The battery only lasts for a short time.

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Victor 1200-4 12-digit large calculator

The Victor solar-powered calculator contains an extra-large 12-digit tilt LCD. The LCD screen ensures that you can easily read your calculations and answers.

The calculator has an adjustable screen angle where you choose the lighting that suits you better. The calculator is made with 50% recycled plastic for durability.

The calculator has an automatic display where you can easily check and correct the entries.

The solar panel allows you to operate in any lighting. When the calculator is not in use, it has an auto-shut feature to save the battery when not in use.

When using the calculator, you can access the auto replay, where you can enter, check and correct your data up to 99 entries.

The calculator has a full-size keyboard with a tactile touch that delivers the computer keyboard feeling when using it.

The calculator can display four digits at once and as four-key memory. The calculator can perform regular business tasks such as cost, sell, and margin—the perfect gift for accountants and finance professionals.

Overall experience

The calculator can be used in normal office settings that do not have too much sunlight. The calculator has adjustable features to ensure that you can increase the lighting or reduce it.

The calculator is perfect for people in green business. The calculator contains dual power sources through the battery and solar cells.

Further, the calculator allows you to calculate tax and currency conversion easily. The main disadvantage of using the calculator is that it contains soft keypads; thus, it is difficult to determine whether the numbers on the screen were keyed in.

To change the battery, you require small screwdrivers. Nevertheless, the battery lasts for a long; thus, you are not required to change it anytime soon.


  • The calculator contains two power sources; battery and solar cells.
  • The calculator goes off after some minutes to save power.
  • The calculator can perform business functions like tax, margin, and sell.
  • Auto-play allows you to enter, check and correct up to 99 entries.


  • The buttons are too soft and thus might end up keying in the wrong digits.

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Calculator Grey solar-power calculator

The grey calculator is a perfect device for back to school. The calculator has a dual power socket. It has a digital display to ensure that your eyes are safe.

The calculator has an ergonomic shape with easy-grip control to use and feel comfortable in your hands easily. The calculator shuts itself down for a pleasant experience.

The calculator has non-stick and non-slip plastic buttons for easy usage. The keys include the percentage key, backspace key, and square root key to carry out mathematical functions.

The best solar-powered calculator for students. The calculator’s buttons are soft to the touch and, thus, easy to press. The large display area ensures you can easily see the digits and answers.

The large keys are easy to access and use comfortably. The calculator has an excellent memory function to ensure you keep up with the calculations.

The mini calculator is lightweight and thus easy to transport from one area to another. A student can easily carry it in the backpack without feeling the excess weight. It also ensures that you can easily carry it as you do calculations.

Overall experience

Any person, from children to adults, can use the calculator. It can be used for any function, from additions, subtractions, and multiplications.

There are automatic tax keys and excellent resetting features. The keyboard has raised keys to ensure that you can press the buttons easily and key inaccurate details.

The calculator has a hard protective cover that is perfect for classroom and office use. The cover protects it from damage. The calculator has two power sources; battery and solar.

The main advantage of the calculator is that it has six colors to select from depending on taste and preference. The main downside of the calculator is that it has eight digits as opposed to others that have twelve keys for more functions.


  • The calculator has several colors to choose from.
  • The calculator is multi-purpose.
  • The calculator has a protective cover to prevent it from damage.
  • The calculator has a large display screen for clear visibility.


  • The calculator has only eight digits.

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Casio HS-8VA calculator

The Casio HS has a smaller size compared to other calculators. Therefore, you can squeeze it into the jacket or a small bag pack.

The calculator contains an excellent display to ensure that you can carry out the basic functions comfortably. The calculator contains an 8-digit LCD. It contains uses solar power to function. It further has a battery backup for users during low lighting conditions.

The calculator can solve advanced mathematical calculations because of its advanced features. The buttons are easy to use and key in the digits.

It has a slim feature to ensure you can use it on your palm. The calculator is lightweight for easy transportation from one place to another.

The Casio HS-8VA has a great design to ensure that the calculator lasts for an extended period. The calculator can be used single-handedly as it is light and slim.

The calculator contains several keys like the square root, MU key, and +/- signs. Further, the calculator has a stylish silver casing and a protective wallet to prevent it from being damaged if it falls.

Overall experience

The most loved feature by the customers is that it has a small size and thus can fit in most pockets and bags.

Further, it has a silver case and wallet to protect it from damage. The keyboard is made of high-quality material to ensure that it lasts for years.

The hard case covers the upper part to protect the screen and keyboard from damage. Solar cells are durable. Thus, you do not have to use the battery for a long period.

The solar cells are durable to serve with extra services for extended years. To use the calculator better, go through the manual.

The calculator is a perfect gift for high school and college students. The main disadvantage is that it needs to be bigger; thus, it is difficult for people with eyesight issues to see the digits.


  • The protective cover protects the screen and keys from damage.
  • The calculator is small-sized and lightweight.
  • The calculator has several functioning keys.
  • Long-lasting solar cells.


  • Too small for people with eyesight issues.

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HIHUHEN Large Electronic Calculator

The HIHUHEN calculator contains dual power ways, a solar panel, or a AA battery with a battery included in the calculator.

The calculator contains a Japanese LCD screen with 12 keys for extra functions. The calculator displays data clearly since it has a huge screen. The battery is energy-saving and convenient to use when there is no sunlight source.

The calculator contains the =/-, percentage key, square root, decimal placing setting, and rounding off key to sustain any person in the mathematical fields or students.

The calculator shuts inactive after eight minutes to save energy for future use.

The calculator contains a huge ABS plastic button and delivers accurate positioning and comfortable texture. The calculator support >one million times press.

The calculator has an ergonomic design to ensure you are comfortable working in the office or classroom. The calculator is a perfect gift for students and accountants.

Overall experience

The main feature of the calculator is that it has a great memory. The calculator has a standard function desktop calculator to ensure accessibility.

The calculator does not have a power button. However, after some time, the calculator turns itself off when inactive to save energy.

The calculator delivers great value for your money by delivering all the functions you want. HIHUHEN electronic calculator is among the best financial calculator in the market.


  • The calculator has several keys.
  • Great calculator for students and financial professionals.
  • The calculator is easy to use.
  • Solar cells last for a long period.


  • The calculator does not have an on/ off button.

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Things to consider before purchasing the best solar-powered calculators

When selecting a solar-powered calculator, you should consider several factors to ensure that it suits your needs.

Always look at the features to ensure that they align with what you want. Further, follow the manual to acquire knowledge about usage. Here are the main factors to consider.

  • Math functionality.
  • Power source.
  • Budget.
  • Portability.

Math functionality

When purchasing a solar-powered calculator, always consider the type of mathematical functions you want to perform with the device.

There is a wide variety of calculators that deliver different functions. For instance, there are calculators purposely meant for scientific functions.

Always check the description and key features to avoid buying the wrong calculator. It will show the main functions that the calculator will be performing.

However, ensure that the calculator has the main features such as the square root, tax calculations, percentage option, and memory option.

If you want a calculator to solve advanced mathematical terms, ensure that the solar-powered calculator is solar scientific one because they have several functions simultaneously. For a student, it is best to select a standard solar-powered calculator.

Power source

Most people make the mistake of buying a solar-powered calculator that does not have extra batteries for backup.

Having a solar-powered calculator that has an extra battery backup is an advantage. There are seasons when the sun is not present, and you need to charge the calculator. Further, the work or school environment does not have direct access to direct sunlight.

For instance, you need more time to go outside and charge the calculator when working in an office.

If you work with the calculator all the time, it can fail you at some point due to a lack of power.

Consider buying a calculator that has a backup to ensure that you carry out your functions anytime you want. It also depends on the main functions that the calculator will carry out.

A single power source is good if the calculator is used only occasionally. Consider having dual power sources if your calculator is always on your desk or palm.


The solar-powered calculators are many on the market today. Each company has different prices depending on the model.

Further, the functions that the calculator will perform can affect the price. When selecting the calculator, you can visit several websites and compare the prices.

Most importantly, check the reviews and see what other people say about the calculator. It will help you determine if the calculator is worth the price.

However, avoid purchasing solar-powered calculators that are extremely cheap. Some companies sacrifice quality to deliver the device at a low cost.

Also, only purchase extremely expensive calculators if you know the services delivered. Some sites overprice the products only to deliver low-quality services. It is best to purchase the devices from well-known sites with genuine services.


When choosing a calculator, consider if it will be on the desk the whole period or if you will be required to move around.

The weight matters little if the calculator is for office use only. Students that require moving around with the calculators should consider having a lightweight and portable one that can fit in small bags.

The main benefit of purchasing portable calculators is that they have protection cases to ensure they are safe from damage when they fall. Ensure that the calculator is also small to fit in any bag size.


Solar-powered calculators have become popular due to the benefits they offer to users. The main advantage is that their main source of energy is the sun. All you need is to leave it outside for some hours on a sunny day, and it is fully charged.

Most calculators are easy to use. If some functions need to be clarified, go through the manual. The main thing to consider when purchasing a solar-powered calculator is its functionality. Ensure that you get a calculator that fits the functions. 

Further, consider the prices. Carry out enough research to get a calculator that fits your budget and delivers quality services.

Most of the calculators mentioned are affordable and easy to use. Go through the features before purchasing anything. Also, review the reviews and see what people think about each model to help you make the best decision.


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