10 Ways You can Save Money Using Solar Power

10 Ways You can Save Money Using Solar Power

Most people want to install solar energy systems because they will help save money. Of course, it’s nice to help the environment but the bottom line for most consumers is that if they’re going to spend $20,000 on a solar energy system it should save them some money.

But you don’t have to install an expensive solar panel array in order to save money using solar energy. You can use solar energy in lots of little ways around the home to save money every month. Here are 10 easy ways to use solar heating and solar energy to save money:

1. Put your lights on a solar timer.

During the day this solar timer/battery charges in the sunlight and at night powers your reading lamps, nightlights, and other lights.

A solar timer is better than a regular timer because you only need the lights on when it is dark. A solar timer won’t turn on your light until it is dark enough to require lighting.

It will cut down on a lot of your grid electricity usage. Putting your lights on a timer is also a good idea if you’re not at home during the day and don’t come home usually until after dark because it will make the house look more lived in and less attractive to burglars.

2. Install a solar water heater.

A solar water heater can make a big difference in your energy usage without costing a fortune. Heat your water for washing dishes, laundry, baths and showers with solar energy and you can use a lot less traditional electricity.

To increase your energy savings, even more, use a solar heating blanket around the water heater to stop heat leaking and increase the efficiency of your water heater.

3. Use solar heating to heat your home.

This is a big one. Using solar energy for heating is the most direct and efficient way of taking advantage of solar power.

Since the sun gives heat, using it for heat is more direct than converting sunlight to electricity. Fuel costs are rising every year and many people are worried that they won’t be able to afford to heat their homes this winter. Install a solar heating system and you can use a lot less energy to stay warm this winter.

4. Use solar batteries.

Instead of plugging in your electronics to the grid electricity use rechargeable solar batteries for things like radios, MP3 players, cell phones, flashlights and other things that you use all the time.

You can even get solar-powered batteries for your laptop computer that will hold a charge long enough for you to get work done on the computer.

You can also recharge solar batteries easily anywhere you are so you will never have to worry about a dead battery again.

5. Using a solar-powered stove.

Think of using a solar stove as an environmentally friendly microwave. There are all different kinds of solar stoves that can do anything from warm-up last night’s pizza to cooking a pot roast for dinner. A solar stove is safe and energy-efficient and doesn’t use costly gas or electricity.

6. Use a solar air conditioner.

That’s right! A new solar air conditioner has been developed by an electronics company. It’s a room-size air conditioner that runs entirely on solar energy and can cool a medium to large-sized room easily.

When there is no sun it runs on batteries. Installing solar air conditioners instead of traditional room air conditioners could save you a bundle on energy costs during the hot summer months.

7. Use solar appliances.

Like every other solar-powered device, an appliance powered by solar energy means you do not have to pay the utility company for the energy to run the appliance.

There is an increasing number of solar-powered appliances that you can buy. Many of them are specifically meant for vacation homes and cabins that may be off of the electric grid but there is no reason you can’t use them anywhere.

These appliances might not be as large or powerful as the ones you’re used to but can run efficiently and save you a lot of money on energy costs.

8. Install a solar-powered water purifier.

Another new solar-powered energy-saving device that is just coming onto the market is a solar-powered water filtration system that will filter all the water in your home. You can save money over buying bottled water and enjoy a cleaner, fresher water using a solar-powered water purifier.

The same company also makes a solar-powered air-purifying system. Using no electricity off of the electrical grid, it costs nothing to operate.

9. Use solar power to run your ceiling fans.

You might not realize how much energy you use just running your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help with air distribution and can help keep your overall energy costs down so using them is a good idea but using them with a solar-powered device is even better for saving energy.

The solar power device connects into the wiring of the ceiling fan and runs the fan entirely on solar power.

10. Use a solar-powered heater.

Almost a no brainer there but unfortunately still only a concept. The same company that has created the solar-powered air conditioner also has plans to market a solar-powered heater.

It works like a traditional room heater but it runs on solar power. These solar space heaters are great for warming up a kid’s room at night where you don’t want to have electrical cords that might get tripped over or have a dangerous space heater.

You can also use a solar heater when you’re camping or traveling to keep you warm. A solar heat won’t heat your entire house but it can help take the chill of a bedroom at night without costing anything in energy costs.

These are just some good ideas on how to save money by using solar energy. As technology develops there will be many more ways to save money coming in the future.

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