Residential Solar Power Installation Guidelines

Before you invest in an expensive residential solar power system, you should make sure your home is a good candidate for a solar power system. Many homes do not make good candidates for residential solar power, so it is in your best interest to … [Continue reading]

The Future of Solar Energy

There’s no doubt that solar energy will play a bigger and bigger role in how Americans get their energy in the coming decades. The fact that we are running out of fossil fuels and that the cost of fossil fuel is so high, combined with the fact … [Continue reading]

The Next Wave of Solar Energy– Wearable Solar Energy Generators

Because solar energy is becoming increasingly practical and cheap, scientists are always experimenting with new ways to use solar energy to power the products that people use every day. The newest trend of useable solar energy for consumers is … [Continue reading]

What Appliances and tools Can You Run Using Solar Energy?

There are a lot of ways that you can use solar energy in your home to eliminate or at least cut down on your energy spending but you might be surprised to learn how many things you can run on solar power or solar energy. Here’s an in-depth list of … [Continue reading]

10 Ways You can Save Money Using Solar Power

10 Ways You can Save Money Using Solar Power

Most people want to install solar energy systems because they will help save money. Of course, it’s nice to help the environment but the bottom line for most consumers is that if they’re going to spend $20,000 on a solar energy system it should save … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Use Solar Energy Around Your Home

10 Ways to Use Solar Energy Around Your Home

You already know that you can use the energy from solar panels to power things like your lights or appliances but there are lots of other ways that you can use solar energy around your home too. So if you don’t want the expense and hassle of … [Continue reading]

The Top Five Reasons to Install Solar Power in Your Home

Still not sure if using solar power is the right thing for you? Here are the top five reasons why buying and installing solar panels to provide your home with solar energy make sense: 1. It helps the environment. This is a big deal. The less fossil … [Continue reading]

Solar Panel Shingles

Solar Panel Shingles

If you’re building a new home or if you are replacing the roof on your house you might want to consider using solar panel shingles for your roof. Solar panel shingles are cutting edge technology that only recently hit the consumer market. Solar … [Continue reading]

Types of Solar Panels

Today there are essentially four different types of solar panels that you can purchase easily and use if you want to install solar panels on your home to generate electricity or heat your home. They are Monocrystalline Silicon Panels, Polycrystalline … [Continue reading]

The History of Solar Panels

Photovoltaic power was first discovered by a French scientist, Antoine Becquerel, in 1839. Many scientists that followed experimented with solar power and tried to build a device that would capture the sun’s energy and redirect it but they were not … [Continue reading]